Early Tuesday evening, the weather was lovely and perfect for a walk around campus. Also, rain was in the forecast for the remainder of the week so I knew if I wanted to get outside of my apartment for any length of time I needed to do it then.

While I was walking, I realized that there were a few changes that have occurred since most students left campus in mid-March. These changes center on the ARH, Carnegie, and the HSSC. I thought those who have been away from campus might like to see some photos of the changes, as well as a few photos of campus.

Look – the fence around ARH and Carnegie is gone! The sidewalk is mostly completed as well.



Park Street with ARH. Younker Hall in background.


Near corner of Park Street and 8th Avenue. Younker Hall on far corner.


Carnegie Hall with ARH in background.


This squirrel was unhappy with my presence and chattered at me to leave.

Squirrel in a red bud tree outside of Admission and Student Financial Services.


The entry-to-campus columns on the corners are new. They’re still in progress.

Corner of Park Street and 8th Avenue.


Campus is beautiful is beautiful in the spring.

Mears Cottage.


Burling Library.

Until we can gather on campus together again, I hope you enjoyed this small look at the Grinnell College campus as it was as of Tuesday, May, 12th.