Starting at the end of the day, Wednesday March 25th, only essential staff were allowed to enter campus buildings.  I ended up being essential staff.  So, on the day I came to check on the library, at 9:10AM, I found the front doors of Burling Library unlocked.

It’s rare I get so angry so quickly…but I did.  Still, I held it together while I went to pick up loaner technology.  The ITS Technology Support Desk staff were quite interested to hear Burling was unlocked.  While they prepped a laptop, I called Safety & Security and told them firmly to lock Burling now.  When I hung up, the ITS staff complimented me on remaining so calm.

On my return to Burling, the building was locked – but I wanted to make sure it was secure.  I started in the basement, locking every space I could once I was done making sure no one was there.  I patrolled all the floors, concluding no one was currently in the building who was not supposed to be.  Afterwards, I told all other essential staff to check the doors were locked whenever they come in the building.

Campus closed, Burling unlocked.